About me

Welcome to Creatrix Mystery School.

I am Kelsey Grant the founder of CMS and I'm thrilled to welcome you home to your magic.

Embodied Alchemy
Emotional Artistry
Relational Mastery

I am here to weave the codes of love of the highest order through. 

Relationships, love and magic are my world and I am thrilled to bring these sacred codes through so they can be remembered and activated within you too. 

My Methods

I serve the frequencies of love, magic, truth and union.

Here we follow the threads of the feminine.

We weave through the mystery.

We bring approval to truth.

We bring mastery through embodiment. 

All pathways of this work include alchemical embodiment designed to open pathways of rememberance, truth, love and magic within you. 

As we restore harmonic balance with the feminine and masculine energetics within you, we open portals to cosmic love and union codes. 

This is the school where you come back home to wholeness. You remember your divinity. You embody the love that you are here to gift the planet with. 

Alchemical Movement Classes

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Self-Guided Path for Women

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Join the community below to get in on the free community calls. These are relational transmission teaching sessions that will attune you to the frequency of this work and provide clarity in your system which pathway (if any are most aligned for you). 

These calls are often spontaneous and you'll receive an email notification 24-48hrs in advance most times. 

*Recordings of these sessions are available in the Embodied Alchemy Membership + Initiated.